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2010 Top 10 Lists

Posted in Thumbs Up by philjkowalski on December 29, 2010

2010 was quite a year!  In total, Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down had 25,198 visitors from January 1 through December 29. (My mom and dad must have been visiting our blog several times per day!)

All kinds of people and websites are posting top 10 lists at this time of year, so we decided to post our own.  We included lists for our top 10 most visited posts of the year, the top 10 links clicked, top 10 referring sites, and top 10 searches that brought people to our blog.

Top 10 Posts

Eastern Washington’s Red Turf Football Field – Thumbs Down  
Thumbs Down – Tongue-Eating Parasite  
Thumbs Up – Lion King and other Disney Mashups  
Thumbs Up – Liu Bolin, The Real Invisible Man  
Thumbs Down – Seasonal Beer Creep  
Thumbs Down – Missed Soccer Goal = Worst Ever  
Astros Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend With a Foul Ball – Thumbs Down  
GOLOSO Burger King!!!! – Thumbs Up  
Thumbs Down – Nielsen Co. Baseball Algorithm Hates the Cleveland Indians  
Dirty Car? Have Scott Wade Clean It Up – Thumbs Up  

Top 10 Links Clicked  

Top 10 Referring Sites


Top 10 Searches

eastern washington red turf  
the hangover  
eastern washington football field  
green bay packers  
red turf  
liu bolin  
eastern washington field  
green bay packers logo  


2 Responses to '2010 Top 10 Lists'

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  1. rofl said,

    a couple in your top 10 are from 2009 :(

    • philjkowalski said,

      Yeah, I realized that. They still landed in the top 10 posts visited this year.

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